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Trip Management

Trip    Management

Group Trips

Book & track seat numbers, room numbers, and reservations.

Set sales goals based on quantity of seats, play types, and more, then track your progress.

Easily email quotes and itineraries to players

Splinter Trips

Easily manage all individual reservations from a single screen

Quote multiple travel options for your player

Track personal reservations for cars, limos flights, etc.

Easy Management

Book multiple reservations for a single trip, then monitor who each reservation is for

Easily generate electronic or paper manifests, rooming lists, limo lists, and luggage tags

Automatically add a player's spouse and frequent guests to the trip

Marketing Tools

Marketing    Tools

Track features of each casino and easily reference them for marketing

Easily connect planned trips to players you contact

Integrated CRM saves contact information and facilitates communication

Generate individual and mass emails to players

Player Tracking

Player     Tracking

Searchable database of all your players

Include player photos with their records

View past, current, and future play history and travel activities

Track preferences and special needs, and easily provide them on manifests, rooming lists, and worksheets

Maintain contacts, market trips, and stay in touch with integrated CRM features

Powerful Reports

Powerful    Reports

Add & Manage Your Own Values for:



Credit Card Types

Mail Codes

Address Types


Travel Types


Vendor Types

Reservation Type

Play Classes

and More!

Generate Reports for:

Room Lists

Airport Lists

Balance Dues

Luggage Tags


and More!

Import Play

Import      Play

Import play data from casinos

Reconcile commissions statements

Easily track and add player comps

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