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Trip Management
  • Print trip manifests, pit sheets, and rooming lists directly from the trip record.

  • Quickly search for any trip, referencing departure date, return date, airport, casino name, booking statistics, or status.

  • Set custom remarks for all confirmation cards printed for the trip.

  • Quickly and easily build badge tables and associate them with reservations on the trip.

  • Set goals for the number of reservations with certain play classes and/or travel types for the trip and quickly view statistics on meeting your goals.

  • Keep track of reservations that are to be grouped together.

  • Track and assign limos.

  • Clone an existing trip record to quickly create a new similar one.

  • Immediately view important trip information.

  • Based on the selected comp code, easily establish custom defaults for reservations booked on the trip for Accommodation code, Play class, Limo, Room size, Fees and descriptions.

  • Assign costs to the trip for running profitability analyses.

  • Track all related flight information, including all flight legs, air carriers, airport meeting place, plane broker, dispatch number, and seat assignments.

  • View a worksheet of all reservations on the trip.

  • Track the date, time and maker of any changes to the trip records.

  • Track and instantly view special features about the trip and the destination casino.

  • Book charter reservations for a trip directly from the trip record.

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