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Junket Rep Software

Easily Customize Junketeer®
Add & manage your own pick list values for:
  • Address Types

  • Airports

  • Credit Card Types

  • Mail Codes

  • Reservation Types

  • Agents

  • Confirmation Methods

  • Destinations

  • Phone Number Types

  • Travel Types

  • Vendor Types

  • Air Carriers

  • Contact Types and Results

  • Games

  • Play Classes

  • Trip Types

Reservations options allow you to set the following:
  • QuickRes feature (quickly completes a Reservation record)

  • Default confirmation status

  • Source for Play Class default

  • Whether or not to view the Player record prior to booking a Reservation

  • The age of Reservations to appear on pick lists

  • Default comp code

  • Limo indicator source

  • Default Accommodation Code

  • Default Reservation Status

  • Whether or not to require a room size

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